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Big things start small

Tyler Morning Telegraph 25 Jul 2021
His vision seems so far-fetched today, just as I am sure a vision of a vast commercial aviation business that flies millions of people around the world daily would have seemed only a distant dream after Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first flight of 12 seconds and 120 feet in 1903 ... And so Bezos’ words inspired me ... In announcing the awards, Bezos said.

NASA to take SpaceX flight for Mission to Jupiter's icy moon

Sify 24 Jul 2021
Washington, July 24 (IANS) NASA's Europa Clipper spacecraft, slated for a launch to Jupiter's icy moon in October 2024, will fly aboard a Falcon Heavy rocket built by SpaceX ... But with the SLS perpetually delayed and over budget, NASA has urged Congress to consider allowing the Europa Clipper to fly commercial.

Rare FAA rules change means Blue Origin crew may not get official 'wings'

Democratic Underground 24 Jul 2021
The Federal Aviation Administration changed rules for the program on the same day Bezos, his brother and two others made their historic first commercial spaceflight on Tuesday.

How Does ILS Work?

Simple Flying 24 Jul 2021
Aircraft are guided on approach using ILS Photo. Vincenzo Pace . Simple Flying When is ILS used. ILS is a radio navigation system installed at most commercial airports ... With improving technology, though, ILS can now take commercial aircraft right down to the runway ... A CAT 1 approach requires the pilot to fly visually after 200 feet above the runway ... ....

Checks will explore what can be mined in space. The avatar script doesn’t scare me, ...

Swords Today 24 Jul 2021
“The mission is particularly grateful for the technologies designed to study the mineral properties of interplanetary space objects and for the interaction of instruments that actually do not fly into space,” said Martin Ferrus, Jr., head of the spectroscopy department at the Institute.

Race is on for the son of Concorde

The Times/The Sunday Times 24 Jul 2021
The retirement of Concorde in 2003 left a supersonic-sized hole in the industry for those willing to pay a premium for a fast, and luxurious, flying experience.

Jeff Bezos Is Not an Astronaut (But Branson Still Is) Under New FAA Rule

New York Observer 23 Jul 2021
Before the change, the FAA would award commercial astronaut wings to anyone who successfully flies past the altitude of 50 miles (80.5 kilometers), the U.S.-recognized boundary of space ... For example, the two Virgin Galactic pilots flying along with Branson earlier this month would still qualify because they were essential to flight safety.

Flying private is cheaper than you think - here are 6 airlines to consider for ...

Business Insider 23 Jul 2021
When I fly, I often book commercial in coach for the best price to get my family of four where we need to go ... I've flown it multiple times and always choose it when rates are cheaper or equivalent to flying commercial, which they often are ... Quite unlike a typical commercial flying ...

Foreign Interest Is Growing For Russian Planes

Simple Flying 23 Jul 2021
Simple Flying A close view. During the MAKS-2021 airshow in Moscow this week, Simple Flying had the chance to see Rostec’s productions first hand ... At the event, Victor Kladov, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department of Rostec spoke with us about the future of the commercial aviation scene.

Wizz Air Would Replicate Its Abu Dhabi Subsidiary Elsewhere

Simple Flying 23 Jul 2021
In speaking with the airline’s Chief Commercial Officer, Simple Flying has confirmed that the airline group would be open to doing the same again somewhere else ... During Simple Flying’s July 15th webinar with Wizz Air Chief Operating Officer George Michalopolous, the ...

Tourist towns on Canadian border decry extended closure

The Huntsville Item 23 Jul 2021
ROUSES POINT, N.Y.The U.S. decision to extend its closure of the Canadian border by at least another month has the mayor of this village on Lake Champlain feeling flabbergasted ...That’s what this is ... 9. The 5,525-mile border has remained opened to commercial traffic throughout the pandemic, and Canadians have been allowed to fly into the U.S ... 21 ... U.S.

Commentary: Big things start small

Finger Lakes Times 23 Jul 2021
His vision seems so far-fetched today, just as I am sure a vision of a vast commercial aviation business that flies millions of people around the world daily would have seemed only a distant dream after Wilbur and Orville Wright's first flight of 12 seconds and 120 feet in 1903 ... And so Bezos' words inspired me ... In announcing the awards, Bezos said ... .

City asks township to keep pot shops away from city neighborhoods

The Monroe News 23 Jul 2021
City Attorney Matthew D ... Seventh St. and S. Telegraph Rd ... "...If you do an as-the-crow-flies measurement from that corner of the (commercial) property to the first house located in the City of Monroe on Palmwood, I'll say you're within the vicinity of 250-350 feetIt just shows the interconnected nature of what will happen between the jurisdictions." ... .

Once barred from flying for being a woman, this 82-year-old became oldest female to go ...

DNA India 22 Jul 2021
They were flying on the New Shepard, the rocket ship made by his space company, Blue Origin ... Funk, 82, accomplished her dream of flying to space and became the oldest woman to do so ... Funk has extensive experience piloting aircraft, logging over 19,600 flying hours and teaching more than 3,000 people how to fly private and commercial aircraft.

Lynn Burkhead — Firecracker weather bass on the fly

Herald Democrat 22 Jul 2021
Which is why Woodruff recommends that fly anglers learn to target the shady spots of summertime ... fly reels to get the job done ... As important as the right fly selection is, the Arkansas based guide and commercial fly tier believes that fly design is even more critical for success.

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